Don't Forget to Notify

If you move, you must give your new address to the government departments and agencies where you have a file, but also to the public services, organizations and professionals you deal with. Below is a checklist which may be useful to you.

If you receive payments by direct deposit and change your financial institution, don’t forget to provide your new account information to the government departments and agencies concerned. For more information, consult the guide Direct Deposit: Registration and Changes (in French only).

Departments and Agencies of the gouvernement du Québec

Main Public Services

  • Energy suppliers;
  • Cable and Internet company;
  • Telephone company (cell phones, etc.).

Other Organizations and Professionals to Notify

  • Lawyer, notary;
  • Accountant (CA);
  • Doctor;
  • Dentist;
  • Employer;
  • Professional orders and associations;
  • Hospitals and CLSCs;
  • Financial institutions (RRSPs, bank accounts, savings);
  • Credit card companies;
  • Insurance companies (automobile, home, health, life or other);
  • Municipality (municipal taxes);
  • School board (school taxes);
  • Rental companies (water heater, furnace, etc.);
  • Subscriptions (newspapers, magazines, etc.);
  • Associations, clubs;
  • Store card or loyalty card companies;
  • Educational institutions (school, CEGEP, university);
  • Car manufacturers (warranties and recalls);
  • Cemetery (plot reservation and maintenance);
  • Library;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Société protectrice des animaux (pet licence);
  • Union.

Meanwhile, you can have your mail redirected to your new address by registering for the service on the Canada post website.

Government of Canada Departments and Agencies

You must inform Government of Canada department and agencies of your new address. You will find a checklist in the Changing Your Address section of Service Canada’s website to assist you. You can also contact Service Canada at 1 800 622-6232.