Programs and Services for Seniors

RénoRégion Program

Registering for the RénoRégion Program

To register for the RénoRégion Program, the owner-occupant must contact his or her municipality or regional county municipality (MRC), which will determine whether the owner-occupant is eligible for the program and indicate the documents that must be submitted.

To find out how to contact a municipality, see the online Répertoire des municipalités (in French only).

Steps in obtaining financial assistance
The steps in obtaining financial assistance are as follows:

  1. A certified inspector visits the home, prepares a list of the eligible work and draws up the specifications.
  2. The owner-occupant must then:
    1. Obtain one or more bids from contractors, based on the specifications
    2. Submit the chosen contractor’s bid to the municipality or MRC
  3. The municipality or MRC issues the owner-occupant a certificate of eligibility showing the amount of financial assistance that may be granted.
  4. The owner-occupant may begin the work once the certificate of eligibility has been received.
  5. When the work is complete, a representative of the municipality or MRC determines whether it meets the specifications and submits a report to the municipality or MRC. If everything is in order, the financial assistance is granted to the owner-occupant.

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