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Residential Adaptation Assistance Program

Applying for Residential Adaptation Assistance

Important Notice

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If you are a tenant and wish to apply for funding under the Residential Adaptation Assistance Program, you must first obtain your landlord’s permission for the work to be carried out in your home.

  • Contact the Société d'habitation du Québec or a local community services centre (CLSC) in your region to obtain the Program Registration form.
  • Fill out the form and have the appropriate section filled out by the homeowner or landlord.
  • Enclose the required documents.
  • Send your application to the Société d'habitation du Québec.
  • To obtain the address of a CLSC, use the Finding a Resource online service.

Submitting Your Application

The steps involved in processing your application are as follows:

  • The Société will forward your application to your municipality or regional county municipality (RCM) and to the health institution responsible for producing the occupational therapist’s report.
  • A municipality or RCM representative will visit your home to draw up a list of admissible work, based on the occupational therapist’s recommendations.

The homeowner or landlord must then:

  • obtain one or more bids from contractors
  • submit the winning bid to the municipality or RCM

The municipality or RCM will issue a certificate of eligibility indicating the maximum amount of financial assistance to be granted.

The homeowner or landlord can start the work once he or she has received the certificate of eligibility.

Once the work has been completed, a representative of the municipality or RCM will check that it has been carried out as planned. If it has, the homeowner or landlord will receive the financial assistance.

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