Finding a Job

Finding a Job

Want to make your job search efficient? The first three steps suggested below provided resources and links to make quick work of searching for a job on your own. The fourth step, which may or may not be of interest to you, provides access to help and personalized services if you meet certain conditions.


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Find Out about the Labour Market

You want to increase your chances of finding a job? Inquire about the labour market. Discover, among other things, promising sectors of activity, businesses with labour needs and events or fairs related to employment.

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Prepare your Job Application

You need to review your résumé or write a cover letter? Certain websites provide tools and tips to help you prepare your applications. 

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Consult Job Offers

You want lead for your job search? There are a number of online job search services. Conduct your search on the basis of job offers and internships published on the websites of the Québec government departments and bodies and several other websites for job seekers. 

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Request Assistance for your Job Search

You need assistance to structure your job search? Further to an assessment of your situation by an Emploi-Québec officer, you could receive personalized support.



Discover, on the basis of clientele, the Québec government’s employment assistance programs and services. 


Additional Information

Your job search may lead you to take certain additional steps, such as obtaining official documents, making a change of address or finding information on labour standards in effect in Québec. Here are tools that could be useful.