Becoming a Parent

Tutorship to a Minor

Designating a Suppletive Tutor for One's Child

Any parent who is capable of exercising his or her civil rights and who wishes to delegate or share the duties of tutorship and parental authority over his or her minor child because he or she cannot fully execute these duties or has difficulty doing so alone
The person designated as suppletive tutor must be:
  • one of the following people
      • a parent’s spouse, if the parents are separated
      • a member of the child’s family (for example: grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, brother, sister)
  • of the age of majority
  • able to exercise his or her civil rights

To designate a suppletive tutor for your minor child, you must submit your request for authorization to do so to the court. It is also possible to consult a lawyer to help with this step.

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